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Behind Closed Doors  

by Dena Schrock

Growing up within the strictest order of the Amish community, Dena (Hershberger) Schrock struggled with all the rules and secrets. At six years old, she told her mother she was too tired to live anymore. Questions swirled in her young mind about why others had things that she did not and if life truly had a purpose. But her questions didn't always have answers and her spirit remained unsettled.

In Behind Closed Doors, author Dena Schrock describes in detail her journey through childhood and what it was like living in an Amish home: The customs and traditions, as well as the rules and restrictions she lived under as she grew into a young woman and managed the heartaches and triumphs of life. From a young age, Dena recognized that God plays a part in our lives. Little did she know how big a part he would play in hers. Life changed forever the day Dena and her husband decided to follow their hearts; leaving behind the only lifestyle they knew, and be shunned by family and friends.


Bringing Light into the Darkness

A Collection of Inspiring Stories from The Voices of Hope 

compiled by Dena Schrock

Voices of Hope events create a platform where women can openly share their stories and shed God's light on all kinds of trauma and abuse, especially within the Amish community. Bringing Light into the Darkness is a compilation of some of these stories. Throughout the pages of this book, women not only talk about the dark days they've endured, but also reveal their journeys of overcoming and walking in healing and freedom. 

Content warning: Child abuse, sexual abuse, rape

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