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Dena Schrock

Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur

My Journey

I grew up in Tennessee and Kentucky in the Swartzentruber Amish culture with 13 siblings and moved to Ohio after I got married. After voicing my convictions regarding the abuse I had experienced growing up, I left the Amish community in 2002 at the age of 23 to begin a new life. I faced a devastating shunning from the Amish community. Not what I wanted; but God had other plans for me. Through the years He has faithfully provided, and I now own and operate (with the help of my four children) a residential and commercial cleaning business.

My first book, Behind Closed Doors, came about as people kept asking me many questions regarding what it was like to grow up in the strictest order of the Amish culture. I decided the best way to answer is to write a book and explain in detail what happened "behind closed doors" in a world that most people tend to think of as a heaven on earth.


My Family

In 2015, I appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to represent the abuse that goes on among the Amish culture. 

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My Passion

Growing up without having a voice has given me a desire to hear others stories about victories of overcoming. Since leaving the Amish community, God has opened many doors for me to give women a platform to share their own story through Voices Of Hope Conferences.  In early 2018, I co-founded Voices of Hope with my friend and colleague, Lizzie Hershberger, giving women a platform to share their stories. My passion is to help women overcome the struggle of feeling like they are not good enough to accomplish the God-given desires they have. It all starts with stepping out of your comfort zone, being vulnerable and sharing your story.

Are You Looking For a Change?

I am here to tell you that there’s so much hope for you. I’ve been in a place of feeling hopeless, not knowing where my head will have a bed to sleep, where the next meal will come from, where I’ll give birth to my second child, what my purpose is in life, or whether things will ever change. Don’t give up now! My Lord did not bring you this far in life to let you sit in despair. We are overcomers!! We are made to THRIVE and not just survive! Are you teachable, coachable, the give-it-all-you-got type of person who doesn't live with excuses that keep you from your dreams? If you answered yes to all of these then I have an incredible opportunity to offer you. Feel free to reach out to me; let's link arms with each other and work towards your dreams!!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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